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Sep 5, 2013

Oooh, how I love Shopstyle. Have you tried it out? I'm happy to share this bit of news, because it is actually where I go every time I need to search for something style related. If I search for say, floral pumps...Shopstyle will pull up all of the floral pumps it can find from all over (different brands, shops, lines). I can then narrow my search even further by selecting a price range, size, color...etc. It's the bomb dot com.

Well, it just got even cooler. Yeh, cray. They now have a new product review feature. Exciting! I am always always looking for customer reviews before I will purchase an item online. Online shopping can be interesting. You know. You order a clothing item online, receive it and try it on...& it turns out to be nothing like you thought it'd be. Bleh. It's really a guessing game.

Shopstyle has further simplified online shopping by eliminating that guessing game. You can now be more confident when purchasing something off of their site. Not only that, but you can help out other customers by submitting your own product reviews.

Head on over to Shopstyle to find out how you can win $1,000 by doing just that!

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