baby bump: week 29

Oct 24, 2013

...ok. let me have an honest moment with all of you...

Most of the time I feel like this ^^ - tired, stretched, crampy, like I need to wear Depends (because of how often I almost pee my pants without warning), blah blah blah. It's easy to look all cutely pregnant in an edited blog pic (which, btw, was one of 50 other outtakes- ha), but the truth of the matter is...I'm pregnant. So yeh. I just wanted to be real with all of ya ;).


  1. I love it. Little boys are really fun to dress. Everyone makes comments to me about how it is much more fun to dress girls and don't you wish boy clothes were cute and fun. I totally disagree with them I love little boy clothes. I think the best are the man tailored shirt onsies or maybe the adorable sweater vests. And oh I love little boy overalls.

  2. Looking good! I think it's sweet you're so excited about your baby boy :)

  3. Well you look amazing and definitely not 29 weeks! And I know what you mean - been pregnant three times and sometimes, you just feel "blech!"

  4. I feel your pain #20weekspregnant
    xx, Vanessa

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