Mama Boosters. For my Face.

Oct 17, 2013

No, I'm not turning into a beauty blogger (so sorrrryyy). I just want to share a sweet, new product that I think you should know about- Seventh Generation's Skin Boosting Serums...or as I like to call Mama Boosters.

Sooo...I'm super simple when it comes to skincare. I wash and I moisturize. That's all I've ever done. Nada mas. Pregnancy has been pretty good to me too. Gotta love those prenatal vitamins! Still. There's those days. The days I feel the need for a little oomph- when I feel so tired that I could fall over on my unmade bed stacked with unfolded laundry (with Mads jumping around me like a monkey), those days I have a bajillion errands to run but any kind of make-up is simply not going to happen...those days I don't feel that "pregnancy glow" at all. Yehhh.

Those are the days I grab one of the facial boosters. They're my leeeetle friends. A grab n' go mama booster shot...for the face. Fresh, easy and natural. I like. I think you might like them too :). See all of the skin boosting serums here.

...& that's enough beauty talk for me (for now). I may have another wrinkle cream-type post coming soon. Maybe. I don't know. We'll see.

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  1. Great review! I'm also pregnant and looking for natural serums to boost radiance on my 'tired' days. Happy to have found your blog through Ingrid & Isabel. :)


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