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Nov 8, 2013


Diaper bags are really a necessity when you have babes- or at least a bag with enough room for all of that stuff you need to lug around with you. I just prefer a normal handbag over a real diaper bag- basically, they don't say "oh, hey...I'm a diaper bag". Bleh. No bueno. *two exceptions being Timi & Leslie diaper bags as shown in this old post...and the Lily Jade diaper bag (shown above)

As mamas we already have to run out with crumbly, un-ironed shirts and messy hair on the regular, so shouldn't we at least be able to carry around a stylish bag? I think so!...& yes, you can find one that both looks good and functions as a diaper bag. It's true. Take a look at all of the options I found above- via Lily Jade, Wallis, Billabong, etc. They are all fully capable of holding the diapers, wipes, sippies, snacks, toys, etc etc etc. (aside from the last two that are just for a quick run into the store and such- a one diaper type deal. Ya know.)

The big plus side to having a normal handbag that doubles as a diaper bag, is that you can quickly ditch the baby stuff whenever you manage to head out alone (*gasp*). It's really a win win.

So, ladies...what do you use as a diaper bag?


  1. I use Petunia Pickle Bottom's bags as my diaper bags/ purses. People mistake them for purses all the time, which I love.

  2. I have a handbag that I bought at Walmart of all places. It's not the most fashionable thing (although, really, it's not that bad...) but it had two big pockets at the sides, so I needed it for my boys' sippy cups!

  3. WOW! The double duty handbags are amazing I would say. Though, all bags are beautiful and stylish, but I like that seven number brown colored bag the most. When it comes to handbags, I don't know why I can't stop myself buying the bags. Last month, I purchased a beautiful leather tote handbag which is in red color. The bag is not only stylish, but it is also comfortable to carry anywhere and it goes with each outfit.


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