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Nov 4, 2013

I started using an anti-aging skincare product. What? No way.

I know. When Olay so generously offered to send on their Regenerist products to me, I was a bit apprehensive at first. I mean, really. Aren't anti-wrinkle products for old people? Well, the truth of the matter is that your skin starts losing collagen in your 20's (that awesome thing that gives your skin elasticity and keeps it firm). I'm 27 which, of course, means it's all down hill from here. Ha.That said, I decided to let any leftover teen pride I might have been holding onto go and try out Olay's goodies.

(& that's my cosmetic ad shot for ya. soak. it. up.)

Um. They're awesome. I've been using the products for about a week now and I've already started to realize the benefits- they not only smooth my skin and reduce the look of pores and fine lines, but also prime my face for make-up. Apparently priming your face for make-up is very important. This was news to me as of a week ago! It creates a clean canvas and helps your make-up last longer. As you get older, your facial skin just doesn't hold onto it all as well (darn). Ever since forever I've just slapped on some moisturizer, thrown on my make-up and called it a day. Well, no mas.

My *new* skin priming routine:
Simple facial moisturizer
...& then my face is ready for that make-up...

I guess you could say I'm growing up...what with my new skincare/make-up routine and all. What next? Real make-up counters at department stores? Whoah now. Slow down. I'm not over my Target cosmetics just yet. ;)

This post was sponsored by Olay through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream & Lash Serum Duo and Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Benefit They're Real mascara is THE.BEST., isn't it? Love that stuff. I also use an anti-aging cream under my eyes. Didn't know it was anti-aging when I bought it--I went in to Sephora for help when I had excema on my eyelids. Now I would never do without the stuff.


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