DIY: Kimono - made from 2 scarves

Oct 31, 2013

Oh, man...peeps. I am freaking out! I love this DIY. Not only because I have been really hoping to add a kimono to my closet, but also because it's budget-friendly and sooo ooooober simple to make. At first, I was like, "I'll just go to the fabric store and put one together. Yeh, it'll be super awesome". HA. 1) I don't have a working sewing machine 2) I was delusional .

After I gave up on that idea (that most certainly would have ended in a pile of scrap cloth and many tears), I started thinking of a different plan of action to make this kimono happen. It ended up involving Target (no surprise there), a big search in the scarf aisle, me draping several different scarves over my bod and my toddler pulling them off of their hooks and making a pile...on the floor. Adventure time.

Soooo. Yes, I made two floral scarves into a kimono! Ingenious. Ha-ha. J/k. I was pretty excited by the idea and how well it ended up working out though.

-the supplies-
two large scarves - 75x28 is a good size | I found 2 floral scarves at target- $14.99/ea.
stitch witch tape
sewing pins, a needle + matching thread

It's official. I am in love with this kimono. It works well with a baby bump, yeh?...& it'll work splendidly without it next Spring. Mads girl was obviously impressed by it, as you can see. Man o man. The styling possibilities- ankle jeans, slouchy tee, riding boots, denim shorts (when the warmth returns)...y mas mas mas. Woooooooooooo. So cool. 

You're thinking about making your own kimono now, aren't ya? If you do end up taking a stab at it, you had better share!...or else. ;)

If you'd like more ideas on how-to style a kimono, head on over here. Also, I call this lady the kimono rocker. You'll soon see why.

*if you have any questions regarding the tutorial, please ask me via camsdipaola(at)yahoo(dot)com. The steps may not make any all. Ha. 


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  2. LOVE it! So beautiful and I think simple enough that I could even pull it off! Looking beautiful Cam, you're glowing!! Xo.

  3. Seriously you can pull off any look, and look 100%! Love all your tutorials.

  4. I'm super impressed that this is the first project you've made!! It looks so awesome!! GO YOU!!


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