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Nov 26, 2013

ShopStyle has some exciting things going on, peeps- a new look, feel & even adverts in major publications and on TV. You may have seen some of them? They are taking off! Of course, I was more than happy and excited to join in on the fun with their "lay down" blogger campaign. The theme I chose: Holidays. I love the holidays...and I loooove dressing for them. So...I pulled some of my favorite go-to items from my own closet that make me think of Christmas, New Years and all things cheery...and I laid those babies down and positioned my pregnant self right beside them in order to share them here with you (& you're welcome for the awesome bump view, btw...getting up was a bit of a challenge ;).

-you can find & purchase the same or similar items all on ShopStyle.com!-
Target Merona Meg Chunky Heel
Red beaded necklace (eBay find), similar-ish 
Baublebar Maharaja Fringe Strand Necklace 
Old Navy Crew-neck sweatshirt
Target Merona Glitter Braid Belt 
h&m MAMA &denim maternity Slim Jeans, similar  
parc boutique Herringbone Baseball Cap or similar
Banana Republic Scarf, similar 
F21 Polka Dot Button-up, similar
Marshalls denim button-up, similar
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers
Tommy Hilfiger Satchel, similar

Cheers, ShopStyle. Love what you're doing! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. 

*this post was sponsored by ShopStyle and Popsugar Select 

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