Project Baby w/ Marshalls

Feb 12, 2014

I had nothing ready for le baby when he arrived, as you may already know if you caught his birth story.
I do literally mean nothing- no hospital bag, clothes or even a single diaper.
I was convinced the child wouldn't dare show his face until after Christmas...
and that was stupid.

The husband had to run home, rearrange our room to make room for a nursery area, assemble the cradle (that Anthony refuses to sleep in now), pack my hospital bag....ummm...yeh, he pretty much did everything while I was in the hospital going into labor. Ha. He made it back just in time for me to squeeze the heck out of his hand during hardcore pitocin-induced contractions. He's a keeper. 

I wish I had planned better and gotten my booty working on baby boy's nursery before he showed up, but hey ho...what ya gonna do? Do better next time. Maybe. Probably not.
I've been able to work on it a bit here and there since he was born, but it's hard (really hard) to go on shopping adventures with one perpetually whiney/mad/sad/clingy 2.5 year old (love herrrrr) and one 
newborn that uses me as a human pacifier. ;) Not only that, I have a teeny tiny budget for home decorating.

That was my answer. 
Everything in one place, one-of-a-kind type finds and...most importantly...budget-friendly
I love that place. 

Marshalls finds - baskets, crown baby blanket, Carter's crib shoes, Infantino baby toys, hanging picture frame, all 4 outfits
cradle - Dream on Me Rocking cradle, Amazon

Look at all those sweet baby items I found...
and I spent no more than $100 on all of it!
Not too shabby.

Once Anthony no longer bunks with the rents, my idea is to go with a vintage zoo type theme.
I love those little animal figurines- perfect to put on wall shelves above his changing table. I found this elephant head for the wall and it's awesome, right? My only thought with that is that it may scare him as he gets older. Ummm, because yeh...I'd be scared too if I had some animal head staring at me in the middle of the night. We'll see on that one- haha.  I also saw this pin a while back and would love to incorporate that amazing green in somehow. It is all a work in progress, of course...and I'm sure it'll take me at least until his 5th birthday to actually get it all done (probably right around the time he requests something more manly and tough. lol). Regardless, I'll obviously be heading back into Marshalls in order to put it all together.

*this post was sponsored by Marshalls, but that really means nothing at all...because I sing their praises on the regular anyways. :)


  1. you found some great stuff!! i love it all, looks great!

  2. Wow. You didn't spend $100 on those items? That's awesome 'cause we should be really saving money for the future of those babies. baby stuff for sale philippines


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