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Apr 11, 2014

One simple way to look cooler than you are...
wear a vest

Denim cut-offs and heart shaped sunnies help too.
I almost returned the sunglasses, because...well...
I'm a mom and not a teeny bopper.

Then I had a revelation...I need these in my life.
I push around a stroller, tote an (almost) three year old on my hip, nurse all day (erryday), get spit up on 100x/day, wrestle with the laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning...

I need a frikkin' ridiculous pair of heart shaped sunnies.
The end. :)

sunnies / v neck / vest / shorts / sandals

ps. This is my new office/blog/playroom - I'm excited that I now have the space  to shoot my day-to-day outfits and share them more often with you! 


  1. super cute!! i love the vest. and i woulda kept the sunnies too! :)

  2. great match, fabulous mom =)


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