the 5 basic essentials to have in your closet for Spring

Mar 25, 2014

- via Two Penny Blue -
I love a blazer. I've been wearing them religiously since high school.
In fact, I'll probably still be sporting them as a grannie.
They just take an outfit to the next level...give it that classy, structured look.'re wearing some boyfriend jeans and a plain tee. Cute, but with a blazer?

Lightweight Scarf
- via deloom -
It's the perfect accent to a Spring outfit. 
Adds color. Adds something different. It can even take an outfit in a different direction...
They are especially necessary if you are not really an accessory wearer. 
Find one with a colorful or interesting pattern and you're golden. 

Classic White Button-up
- via Old Navy -
Always a good idea to have one of these. Always. 
Not only can you can wear it with most anything (skirts, shorts, jeans, even layered under a dress- did ya catch J. Rob at the Oscars?),  
it is also a great layering tool if the weather is on the cooler side (think cardigan or jacket over top).
I personally like to go the minimalist route and simply pair it with denim and a pair of flats or pumps. 

- via Corilynn -
Whether it's a full skirt like the one above, midi, pencil or maxi...
something so feminine and flattering will be a well-loved Spring basic.
Dress it up, dress it down...take it downtowwnnn. 
*Finding the right style and fit for your body type is very important for this one. See this post.

- via Yellow Box Shoes -
Do not underestimate the value of a simple, yet versatile flat.
What I like about the pair above is that they have the cut-out detail on the sides..
makes them a bit more breathable for the warmer temps.
Again, this is a basic that can be worn with most anything...always nice.

While you can go ahead and wear them all together,
these Spring basics can actually help make the rest of your wardrobe go further.
You'll be surprised with how much  a simple, basic clothing item can inspire you - it's like having a blank canvas to paint on.
Build on it, pair something spicy with it, layer, mix it up...make those basics not so basic, yo!

Okay, so I do have to mention a  couple additional basics that I really appreciate...and know you can too - a trench and wellies (or rain-boots...I prefer using Brit terminology as often as possible b/c it's fun ::heh heh:: )
Joules has great ones, fyi. Pretty and affordable. 
They add a bit of sass and class to an outfit and transition very well between seasons...especially with the Spring weather being a bit unpredictable at the moment.
NC is drunk right now with it's low 50s in March. It needs to go home- ha. 
I know, I know...some of you want slap me because of my complaints about weather above 40. 

I've made it easy for you to find the basics (below). Maybe you'll find something you love or it'll remind you of that long lost basic that's collecting dust in the back of your closet. Break it out. Now is the time. Spring is here!....kind of. Sort of. Whatever. Do it anyways. :)

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