Styling Old Navy's Ponte Fit & Flare Dress - Up, Down, All Around -

Apr 23, 2014

Dressed up
The flirty flare of this dress is perfect for a date night.
Date night? What's that? Ha.
It's easy to style too...which is always a win for me.
I kind of stress over accessories- which actually work for what, etc.
The neckline on this dress means you can skip the necklace and just pop on some statement earrings.
I also threw on some simple bangles and grabbed a clutch.
A clutch? What's that? Haaa.

Can you tell it's been quite a while since I've been out with my husband? :-D

Dressed down
Grocery store, park, play date or weekend outfit - this dress works for all.
It has an amazing way of hiding that pooch too...
which I very much still have.
(I just started T25, but that's another story for another day. My body hurts ::hehh::)
The dress flares out riiiiight at the perfect spot. 
Grab a hat, huuuuge bag (to tote all that your toddler insists on stuffing in it) and you're good to go. 

Dressed for all around
So I threw this little ensemble on at the last minute gosh.
I love it.
Mixing the feminine with the comfy and you've got a winning combo.
Am I right, mamas?
I'm ready to run around and get things done with babe on hip and toddler in tow.

dress | shoes | canvas tote

Now, I wouldn't expect this dress to last for more than one or two seasons.
It's $15 and from Old Navy.
However, it's trendy and if you're looking to spend little...
this is the dress for you.

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  1. Great looks! And you are looking wonderful, Cams!


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