Hometown Adventure [day 3:{Mod Mama Fashion Attempts}]

Oct 27, 2011

[If you are just now getting caught up, make sure to check out the beginning of our Hometown Adventure ]

It has been a lovely week. *sigh*. I will miss this.

My sister, 'Malice' was kind enough to snap my weekly Mod Mama photos. I didn't want to pass it up this week b/c I NEED to keep trying or I will get back into a slump filled  with sweat pants and work out clothes. NO, I must press on!

The theme for this week's {Mod Mama Fashion Attempt} is Hometown Nostalgia. All week I have been remembering how it used to be here at home with all six siblings together. We had such good times laughing and entertaining each other. I do miss it. I also know that life changes, people move, etc...Regardless, we will always come back to our home base and catch up with each other.

I am happy that I can count on that.

[Outfit: Earrings- Target, Sweater- F21, Leggings-Express, Boots (I ADORE): Franco Sarto, bought at Marshalls]

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I have this idea. Grab one of my buttons, post it somewhere on your blog and join me in my {Mod Mama Fashion Attempts} journey. Pick out an outfit, slip it on, snap some pics and post about it each week.

We could start a revolution here, ladies. A fabulous revolution.

You can find the following buttons on my left sidebar (grab them there). Leave me a comment if you end up joining me in this fashion effort. I want to make sure to follow you!



  1. You are seriously gorgeous! Love the outfits!

  2. Ohhhh.... I love this outfit! You are STUNNING! And you look so happy. :)

  3. Your boots and earrings are my favorite part of this oufit! SO cute!

  4. Love this outfit! What did your family think of your new hair? :)

  5. looking amazing! Love the colors in the outfit and the boots! and the earrings...

    I guess alllllofit.

  6. Oeh, I like this outfit! You did a great job :)

  7. It has been said but you are just so gorgeous. I think the outfit is absolutely great. I myself have just started getting dressed in real clothes (not workout clothes) this year. Honestly I have been hit or miss for the last 10 years (hmmm, about the time I had my first baby). I do love my life, but being a stay at home mom doesn't really require a whole lot of effort since I am cleaning a lot. I never thought I would fall into this rut but.......

  8. Gorgeous! I especially love the boots and the coral earrings, so fierce. You worked it like a super model, congrats on your new look.


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