Our hometown adventure [the beginning]

Oct 24, 2011

The sweet Moo & I are having our first big adventure together this week! We are back in my hometown visiting my family. So far I am loving it (regardless of how it all started off).

The flight here was...errmm...painful, to say the least. Let's just say it was full of screaming, failed attempts to calm with nursing and bottle or toys and me holding back tears. HA! So...a great time!

We made it though (even though I almost collapsed in the terminal).

Here's a look at our visit so far!

I love my parent's house & neighborhood. Isn't it so quaint? Makes me want to curl up with a cupa tea and read all day.

We tried going to a talk about Dorothy Day at CUA, in DC (the Shrine is right next door), but Moo had a break down in mind.

This is us in the car after said break down.
We then had din at a pub across the street...yums. I made myself feel better about eating a burger and fries by getting it w/o the bun. Yeh, I'm healthy like that.

Pop pop & Meh-Meh doting on their grandmoo.

We love each other.

...& then we had another break down on the way home which resulted in throw up and me freaking out about the throw up.

Oh, the life of a mama (I miss my husband).

Keep following our hometown adventure all this week!

*please forgive the horrid pic quality*

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Location:Suburbs of DC


  1. Ah yes...gotta love those melt downs;) Looks like your having a great time, enjoy your family!

  2. Your parent's house is so charming!
    ps: how cool that you know Andrew Reilly, he is so talented! Lovely week to you Camille!

  3. Wow traveling with a little one must be so hard! Your parents house is adorable
    Indeed!! Can't wait for more adventures...grandmoo how cute is that?!

  4. Hope things go more smoothly for the rest of your trip!


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