Rainy Day {Mod Mama Fashion Attempts}

Oct 20, 2011

I know, I know. I promised to get dressed once a week, but I was bad and didn't follow through last week. Shame on me. I have to be honest, I almost missed this week too. Hehh. I pulled through though and here is what I came  up with.

[Outfit: Top-NY & Co, Vest- Old Navy, Jeans-Express, Boots- Steve Madden, Necklace- vintage piece I found at a thrift store]

The boots are rain boots! I adore their buckles and punk rock-ishness. My new hair inspired me to purchase them ;).


I have this idea. Grab one of my buttons, post it somewhere on your blog and join me in my {Mod Mama Fashion Attempts} journey. Pick out an outfit, slip it on, snap some pics and post about it each week.

We could start a revolution here, ladies. A fabulous revolution.

You can find the following buttons on my left sidebar (grab them there). Leave me a comment if you end up joining me in this fashion effort. I want to make sure to follow you!



  1. Ok, you are way too cute!! LOVE your hair! Up until a year ago I never understood why people bought rain boots (crazy, right?) but now that I live somewhere where it rains too often for my liking... I need to buy me some! :)

  2. YOu look adorable!!! and yes, button is now fixed:)

  3. So cute! I love the boots. You are so adorable!

  4. Awesome idea. I get dressed the days I go to morning Mass with the family. So I get dressed for the old ladies there as well as dress my children. Today I heard one of them pleased that my baby had "something on her feet". This made it all worth it... And maybe I will try to share it since I have become more fashion conscious. :)

  5. Those boots are spectacular. I love how versatile they can be!
    You totally rock that new due by the way!

  6. you are one hot mama!! love the look! i am so into vests!! i think they're so flattering! you seriously could be a supermodel!!
    hope your week is off to a great start!
    maria <3


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