Budget Friendly Baby Christmas Photos

Nov 30, 2011

In order to save some money I decided  to take Moo's Christmas pictures myself this year.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I only have an iPhone camera.

Moo wasn't too thrilled about the idea, but I distracted her with a baby-sized Christmas tree.

I draped a big white blanket over Moo's changing table,
set baby in front of it,
& placed said Christmas tree next to her.
How could this not be a win?

The pictures didn't look good (AT ALL).
I was totally bummed.
You mean I'm not an expert photographer with an iPhone camera?

That is, until I remembered good old Instragram on my iPhone.
I AM an expert photographer.
They are far from perfect, but they work for my non-existent Christmas photos budget.
 I am now working on putting together our Christmas card with some of them.
I am really excited!
It will be the first one we have ever sent out!!

You can try this DIY Christmas photo project at home too.
No way?!
Yes way.

You will need:
-well lit area (natural light is best)
-sheet or blanket to drape as background
-child in Christmas outfit
-Christmas prop
-Instagram (or any phone photo editing app)

I cannot believe it will be December tomorrow.


  1. Very very nice idea! They turned out awesome...especially with just an iPhone! You shoulda taken them with a real camera too!

  2. These turned out great...your mini is adorable! I need to get my brain in a more budget-friendly mindset, too!

  3. these are wonderful, adorable, simple and modern! i love them :)

  4. These are great, especially for I-phone pictures. That's awesome.

  5. These photos are beautiful! She is beautiful!

    I just stumbled across your blog and can't wait to read more!


  6. Amazing job momma! those turned out fantastic! Should have had you help me with Ry's! LOL

  7. I think they turned out really good!!! You were able to capture some great facial expressions. And don't you just love instagram?! good job!

  8. your photos are beautiful!! they really are.
    i love the instagram app. my friend turned me onto it and i love the look it gives to photos instantly.
    moo is precious. i love the lil' props you added. the tree is super sweet next to her.
    happy december <3

  9. These are great!! I love off the well-known path pictures:) You are one super sweet girl! I may just have to try this out now.

  10. Oh my goodness!!! these are GREAT! She is growing up so quickly!

  11. Those are fantastic! Can you do mine,lol

  12. Absolutely Precious. I have been brought to tears taking holiday photos of my kids, seriously, it was Easter 2006 and I wept. Now that they are older it is so much easier. But nothing beats the adorableness of babies.

  13. They did turn out great! Good job!!

  14. BELLISSIMA!!!! I like the one where her eyes are giddily staring at Mamma :)


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