Shabby Chic Christmas Wreath DIY + u/s giveaway winner!

Dec 2, 2011

I did it!
I told you I would share my Christmas Wreath DIY project with you, so here it is.
I was going to try and make mine like one of these...Unique Inspirational Christmas Wreaths
but then I did something completely different.

I did it once and didn't like it so I started all over again with a few add-ons and...

yes, it will do.

FYI...I spent about $12 total on this Christmas wreath.
Try looking at Ollie's, Walmart, Hobby Lobby...any discount store really.

Here is the very simple tutorial...

I am not big on long DIY explanations (or projects for that matter),
so here's the short & sweet 4 steps...

1. wrap red cranberry garland around wreath
2. tie/glue little felt ornaments all around wreath
3. tie ribbon around wreath- I braided my ribbon in order to give it a different look ( I don't know. haha)
4. tie/glue letter to wreath, along side the bow

Oh, & here's an additional step...
5. admire the beauty
& now, the Custom Ultrasound Painting Giveaway Winner is.....

*drum roll, please*

I am excited for you, deary! You  have been a devoted reader and I thank you for that.
I will be e-mailing you with the details on claiming your soon to be beautiful custom u/s painting.

*if anyone wants to see the record of this drawing, please go to via

Thank you all for your entries.
A big thanks to Melissa at Inner Child Art Studio for so generously offering to do a giveaway for Life in Mod's readers.

Be sure to visit the site. A custom ultrasound painting is a wonderful gift for any moms or expectant moms!


  1. Amazing wreath!! And thank you so much! Can't wait to get the email:)

  2. I love your wreath!!! I need to make one! That seems doable for me. :)

  3. Gorgeous! I am like that with recipes. I highlight and make arrows, anything to save having to draw out the explanation. Just give it to me straight.


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