How-to Style: a Scarf as a top

Mar 28, 2012

A lightweight scarf is such a simple & lovely addition to any outfit.
Unfortunately, when spring & summer roll around here in NC I always feel like I haven't gotten enough use out of my scarves.
It is just too warm to be wrapping a scarf (even a lightweight one) around my neck for the sake of looking chic.

What to do...what to do?


:: Wear a scarf as a top ::

As for a tutorial on how I actually turned this scarf into a top?


Last night was a disaster area here in our household.
Moo wasn't having any blog photo shoots going on.
I am lucky to have gotten these two.

I suppose this lovely explanation will have to suffice.

1). tie 2 opposite corners together
2). place the tied knot around your neck
3). wrap the remaining fabric around to the back and tie both ends together
4). mess with it until it looks good (b/c this explanation is just horrible)
5). add a skinny belt for more style...and to help keep it all in place!


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  1. That's so creative! (:

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  2. Oh my gosh! So creative. And it looks fashionable. Good job...going to see what I can pull together with my collection of scarves.

  3. insanely pretty!
    i have a collection of scarves collecting dust at the top of my closet. i can't can't wait to use this trick when it gets warmer.
    you rock, cami!! THANK YOU <3

    hope you all are having a nice week <3

  4. *camille lol, sorry to go all nicknamey on you :)

  5. what!? no way! that is soo cool!!!

  6. That is so clever & cute! I have to try this! And btw, I love your hair :)


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