the LOVE story: Our first date

Mar 26, 2012

Ok, so continuing on...
{catch up here}

It was a couple of days after the swing dance 
when a friend of mine came walking into her dorm room saying,
"Ooooooo I know someone who wants to give you your M.R.S. degreeeeeeee".

Let me explain.
At Franciscan University there is a running joke that girls only go there to find a husband- hence the M.R.S. Mrs....get it?
I will have you know that is NOT why I went to school there. 
The fact that I did actually find my husband there has nothing to do with that.

Who was this guy already trying to make a move the first month into our Freshman year?
(ps. I was so not going to date anyone Freshman year)
I started going through the list in my head of the guys I had met since getting to school that could possibly be asking about me (don't you've never made a list of people you'd date. ha-ha).
"It's this guy Mav...Maverick".
He was not on my list. 

I had no idea who Maverick was.
Wasn't Maverick that guy from Top Gun?
So...who was this guy that thought he could sport the name?
He sounded TOO much.

He was.

Little did I know that Mav was actually the Italian looking guy from the dance.
He asked me to go on a date. Somehow I agreed.
No idea. He had powers I can't understand.
We went to the coffee house at the bottom of the hill...the only place to go unless you wanted to venture out into the scary surrounding areas and date it up at Walmart.

We had some hot cocoa and just talked. 
I don't remember what we talked about, but what I do remember is thinking that he had a great smile...
and laugh.

On the walk back up I said I was chilly and should have worn a jacket.
He put his hand on my back. Awkwardly.
This is still a big joke between us.
Our first date where Mav kept me warm by placing his hand on my back.

Wondering where his nickname came from?
Oh, there is still more to come...

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  1. aw, very sweet! love the awkward hand on your back moment - i never let my husband forget any of his awkward "moves."

  2. I love this! Can't wait to hear how he got his nickname!:)

  3. Our first date was at the coffeehouse too! Aaaaand two of my friends smirked at us as they walked by to study. Nice.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  4. you are a beautiful couple.
    maverick...i love it! i can't wait to see what happens next.
    isn't it funny to look back and laugh at all the awkward moments from the beginning...
    steve was so corny with his pick up lines when i first met him. lol

    looking forward to the next post.

    ps...i was showing my friend your blog yesterday in Michael's. she loved your bracelets and shorts!

    have a sweet day

  5. Awkward moments just make everything more memorable and real. So sweet.

  6. Funny I didn't intend getting my MRS degree either darn it...;) Wouldn't trade it for anything.
    Love the awkward moments you can laugh at now. :)

  7. had no idea you went to Franciscan. i've heard of that joke! :0 very neat you met in college.

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  9. Aww. First dates, first love. I can't get tired reading these kinds of love stories.

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