the MOD mamas of 2012: meet Renee

May 7, 2012

Jeans: American Eagle
Shirt: J.Crew 
Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch (oldie from high school)
Wedges: Jillian Jones
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
Accessories: Turquoise earrings, cuff, necklace, & even nail polish!

Hi! I'm Renee, and i'm wearing a Spring outfit inspired by the colors I keep seeing everywhere, Coral & Teal! I am a pretty new mom, I have a son, Elijah, who is 10 months old & just the cutest baby boy! I also have an amazing husband with whom we just shared our 3rd wedding anniversary! I run & own a women's consignment boutique with my mother/best friend. I also am an Ebay & Etsy seller, and on top of that I just started a fashion blog, Renee's Unique Critique. I love to shop & especially love to find a great deal! I love to play piano, guitar, & sing. I'm a Florida Native (although currently living in Ct), but I miss & love the beach, the sunshine, & the warmth!! So in case it's sunny where you are, soak up some rays for me.....!


I like Renee's fresh & lovely style.
She also may be moving to Charlotte next year and that makes me like her even more.
Yay for a new friend!
(i'm not desperate)

Check out her new blog that shows how second-hand shopping is the new chic here

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