nautical stripes + the door.

Jun 1, 2012

Please, if you don't mind, disregard the crazy hairs. They are in sore need of a cut & color.
Now that we are in the midst of moving and budgeting (even more), I definitely won't be fixing the mane issue anytime soon. Hair scarves, hats and anything-that-covers-my-head to the rescue!
Oh, and sorry if you had to shield your eyes from the pale bod that is before you.

the outfit: 

Target gold necklace
Target sleeveless top
Target nautical striped skirt
Steve Madden braided flats (Oh, something not from Target!)

ps. these pics were snapped while were still on our FL vacay. I loved the you can see.

We are moving this weekend. Woo.
I am in a tizzy of packing and tears over leaving this place.
I'll be sharing our new house with you next week!



You may have missed it:


I want to welcome & thank my lovely June sponsors,  TwillyPop & Coupons by Answers !

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love the way you styled this. That top goes so well with the skirt! So many fun ways to work the nautical.
    Have a great weekend!
    x ,Anna

  2. cute outfit, very summertime. and, i like the hair! i mean, ombre is if it grows out just a bit more then BAM, ombre! :)

  3. cute outfit! I love me some Target! :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love the skirt! And pairing it with a bright is so attractive :)

    Have a nice weekend Camille!

  5. Gorgeous!
    Target is my heaven.
    I love the red white and blue on you.
    Your skin is shielding needed. :)
    Hope you have a sweet weekend!

  6. LOVE! I wish my prego bod could pull that off, but I'd say it's highly unlikely.

  7. Your blog has turn out to be part of my everyday routine, i am thrilled when i locate a new post of yours on my rss reader, just thought i would let you know. thanks

  8. thank you, Anonymous ^! so kind of you to let me know that. Sometimes I wonder if I am reaching and inspiring anyone at words like yours are appreciated :).

  9. love this look, very Jcrew! :)


  10. Loving this outfit!!! You look stunning! Good luck with packing.. and unpacking! xxx


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