a pair of Cat eyes

Aug 17, 2012

the outfit:

Cat Eye glasses//Coastal.com//FREE- get yours too!
*King's Crown ring//sway chic.//$9*
blanc et or Tassel necklace//my shop, le Pompon//$10
Navy blazer//Banana Republic//oldie 
Green top//Goodwill//$2.99
Cut-off denim shorts//up-cycled AE jeans//oldie
DIY Place-mat clutch//Target place mats//$8
Braided flats//Steve Madden//$29.99


I almost sort of forgot to post this. Woops!
I am relaxing so much here in MD that I keep having to remind myself that I do still have to get some things done ;).

I have been instagram-ing it up.
Check it, yo.


You may have missed it:

Happy Friday, lovies!

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  1. Def my fav of all your thrifty threads so far. Verrrryyyy chic. :)

  2. really love your shorts! <3 and your necklace! and your bag/clutch ahah


  3. beautiful pics! and nice outfit!
    Love your blog, followed you! Let's be friends!
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    From Russia with love| VilleElegante

  4. Glasses look great on you! And loving the blazer with the clutch!


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