a 5 second beach trip.

Aug 20, 2012

I haven't been to the beach all summer. Moo hasn't ever been.
I know, a crime.
I got my fam to agree to a day beach trip to Bethany Beach, DE.
Best idea. Ever. Right?

We all piled into our cars at 8 am yesterday morning...
well, it was quite the adventure.

To sum it up:

we didn't get there until 2:30 (our GPS psycho lady took us some back woods way...& we had to listen to her)
It was cloudy when we arrived...which I was cool with until...
after being on the beach for 1 hour it started to rain...the cold kind...
We were chilly. & wet.

All in all, I have to say that the 9 hours in the car was worth it just to see my baby Moo happily stomping in the ocean as the little waves crashed on her little feet.
She kept yelling "la laa! la LA!" (Moo language: water).
If she had had her way, we would have withstood the cold rain and played in the "la la" all day and night.


I would do it all again.
(w/ a raincoat, shots of espresso and a mentally stable GPS)

Happy Monday, lovies!

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  1. hahahaa I die over Mary Alice's face everytime I see that pic in my instagram!! lollll

  2. Aww you're an awesome mama...all that driving was totally worth it.
    I love the photo of Moo in her sweatshirt!
    That beach is only a few hrs away from me!

  3. Love your beach photos, rain & all! The memories that were made are worth it all, right;) ?

  4. Haha!! We had a similar situation where I braved taking a bus for the very first time to downtown Chicago to go to the beach by the lake. It was like 100 degrees and the kids were miserable so we left after less than 10 minutes!! Love your pics and I love the font of the words on the pics!



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