My inner Twiggy came out. Like whoah.

Aug 3, 2012


Twiggy, I sincerely apologize for this attempt at emulating you.
I had too much fun. Obvi.

the outfit

Marshalls chambray button-up ($9.99)
Old Navy cotton dress (oldie $12.99)
Michael Khors flats- E-bay find (oldie ~$10)
authentic Twiggy poses (pricelesssss)

I have been loving posting all things British; hence all of my recent posts. 
(is that correct grammar? probably not)
I think I will continue with it here and there 
(yes, the bad use of grammar too).


You may have missed it: 

>>>>>>ps. my tiny accessories shop is opening next Monday!! Look out!<<<<<<<<


Have a loverly weekend, loves!

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  1. LOVE this look on you! Also can't wait to see your accessories shop :)

  2. LOVE this look, SO very twiggy! you look great! can't wait to see your accessories shop!

  3. lovvve the poses!!
    please keep up with the British theme. its super cute.

  4. you look adorable!

  5. Haha you´re awesome and you have a pair of killer legs if I may say so, girl!

    I love the third pic the most (the one from the side) you should do something with that - new button or so

    Fun read! xo

  6. Nice pics.^^
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc???
    My Blog

  7. This is too fun! Love that you were inspired by Twiggy and highlighted that in this. You look darling in that dress.

  8. You are adorable! Love the eye makeup and the poses. Your hair looks awesome pulled to the side!!


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