how-to Style: Military green Jacket

Aug 22, 2012


I have been trying to find the perfect military green jacket for the Fall season while here on the hometown visit, but no luck.
If you have any ideas on where to find it, please do let me know.

I know that once I find it it will be my go-to staple.
It's versatile! - throw it on over a dress, with a long skirt, jeans, or even pair with combat boots.
I actually have a pair of those boots that I need to get more wear out of this coming season,
but I have this love hate relationship with them that I need to get over first.

So...military jacket lover or no?

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  1. I just bought some steve madden combat boots for the upcoming cold and i LOVE them, but like you said you have to find really good stuff to go with them! love military green jackets, espppp with infiniti scarves!

  2. I just bought a jacket from old navy (it's a sleaveless button-up) and I'm so excited to wear it for fall - it goes with everything!


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