a pair of Christian Diors (that I will never wear again).

Dec 3, 2012

mod patterned dress: Summerbird -$15- //Christian Dior Pumps: Summerbird -$300- (woo!)

Working at Summerbird is the best thing. Ever.
One reason being, I get to put together outfits...like this holiday party look.
Truly mod, eh?
FYI: I would have added black nylons, but I don't usually carry any on me.
Please do envision them being there, covering my pale leg skin.

The heels. Yeh, I know.
How does anyone walk in such monstrously high contraptions?
I slipped them on, tried walking, failed & promptly took them off (after a quick photo opp, of course)
My toes were screaming at me, "Whyy, Camille? Whyyyyy?"
Beauty is pain...I guess.

The truth is that they may have been half a size too small.
I wore Dior (for 5 min.) though!
Christian Dior just has no place in my budgeted closet.
Kind of semi-sad, but the plain truth of the matter.

All that being said, considering that you can easily spend $800+ on a pair of Diors, this is a steal for all those in the market in the Charlotte area! 

As for me,  I will continue on in my Target 2" heels...
& I am so ok with that.


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  1. gorgeous! i will continue on with my target shoes as well... :)


  2. That is one gorgeous pair of heels! Ahh, to dream :)

  3. they are gorgeous. david said he's on board. our budget, though . . .

  4. Please tell me you bought the dress. :)

  5. Beautiful look! That dress is gorgeous on you!! Ahh, those shoes are awesome but I can imagine how painful they are! What a fun job you have!


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