Up or Down: New Year's Eve

Dec 31, 2012

"What the h am I going to wear tonight?". I've got some ideas.
I styled a pair of black, high-heeled booties for either going out or laying low-ish this NYE...
(pumps would work as well)

UP- Ralph Lauren dress: Marshalls // patterned tights: Marshalls // *booties: JCPenny // jewelry: Old Navy // silver Express clutch: E-bay  DOWN cardi: AE // top: Gap // DIY clutch // glitter belt: Target // J Brand jeggings: consignment 

The Up look is chic without showing too much. I like not having to worry about my bits hanging out! The booties add all the sexy I'd need anyways ;). The more casual Down look is my outfit for today...with a side of glitter (for festivity's sake)The husband and I may take a cup of kindness yet...or something. 
Nothing crazy. 


Happy New Year's Eve!
Cheers to 2013.

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  1. I'm wearing a combination of the two looks tonight. I love them both. Happy New Year!

  2. beautiful!! blue is YOUR color, girlfriend!! hope you had a happy and fun one. <3<3<3


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