Bag Me / DIY: Sparkle Heart Canvas Bag (by accident)

Jan 30, 2013

Sooo let me tell you the funny story behind this DIY.
It became something I hadn't initially envisioned. It evoooolved into something cooler. HA.
I was simply going to make a canvas bag with an old men's belt as the handles.
That was cool enough for moi.

Well...I started ironing the crease out, but then left the iron on the bag while I ran to rescue a Moo that was about to topple head-first off of the couch. 
Bad choice...leaving the iron lying there. Not the rescuing the child part.
When I came back there was a brown iron mark smack dab in the middle of the bag. 
No one likes an iron-burnt bag, so I broke out some extra supplies. Modpodge + glitter fix everything. 
Well, most things. 
I realized it was now perfect for Valentine's Day!
Yeh, I totally planned that.

the supplies:
canvas bag / found mine @ Hobby Lobby for $2.99
old men's belt / Goodwill or your husband's closet 
E6000 glue / stuff of the gods found at Hobby Lobby too
+ glitter & modgpodge 

the how-to: 
1. cut the belt in half
2. cut the original handles off
3. (I originally started sewing it, but realized It would take me a bajillion years...GLUE) so...glue those babies to the bag, hold in place with clothes pins + let dry for a good while
4. trace a heart onto the bag w/ a pencil
5. brush the modge podge + glitter mix onto the bag, covering the entire heart - let dry

It's so easy to make an accidental heart bag.
If you're feeling less adventurous, you can skip the whole iron burn part.


  1. I might actually try this one (I'm not super great at DIY)!

  2. it IS perfect for valentine's day!! i LOVE anything with glitter. i love that you made a positive from the negative. isn't it great when things turn out better than you expected. :)
    love it!

  3. This is super cute, I'm loving the glitter and using a mens belt for handles is genius!

  4. Really cute and creative!!

    XO - Ana

  5. You had me at "sparkle heart." It's so cute and I really, really, really love the belt as handle idea!

  6. This is so adorable! Just wondering how everything is holding up several months later? Did the glitter brush off?


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