Maternityshmernity: a Night Out

Feb 1, 2013

Hey! I'm here with my FIRST EVER FASHION POST. 
Please be forgiving. 

I lovvvvve dressing up. I love playing with my huz's Nikon D40. Handing said Nikon to someone to have them take pics of me, posing, dressed up? Not so much love for that one. 
But what's a maternity style series without real-life illustrations? 

I am doing this for you people.
This past Monday night, I went on a little Moms Night Out for the Mothers of Toddlers group (MOTs) at my Church. We went to a cute little restaurant near the NoDa side of Charlotte, The Peculiar Rabbit, and as its hipster name would suggest, it was super cool and the food was uh-may-zing.
I had just scored some loot from Ann Taylor the day before at the mall... this gorgeous coral (looks bright red in these pics, but its really tangeriney-coral) silk button down was originally $98, but I paid $20 for it! I also found some pretty bracelets. Trying to vamp up my accessories this pregnancy.

I had gone shopping this past weekend in search of transitional tops  - I have already outgrown all my tops. They are so uncomfortable. I read somewhere that it isn't uncommon for women in their second pregnancy to feel like their breasts get bigger way faster than they did in the first pregnancy... anddddd that has definitely been the case for me! 
I'm hoping it means they, um, stabilize, at the size they are now though. That would be appreciated.

Because the shirt is silk, it drapes really nicely, despite the sheer size of it. (I got it in a 12... we'll see how long it'll last... but it'll definitely be an awesome transition shirt for now and the month of August that I am postpartum with that gross, puffy jelly belly!).
And I felt pretty darn attractive in it, which is most important!

These black leggings are the Topshop maternity ones I showed y'all in my Basics post. They are thick enough to cover all and sundry cracks, and super comfy. Plus I love the length - I hate when leggings bunch up at the bottom. Too 80s.

The bracelet (Banana Republic) really makes me  happy. I never accessorize, so this is a big step for me. I'm growing up.
These flats are my absolute favorite things - they are J.Crew "Cecilia"'s, and I am surprised by how much I love them, since I usually never go for patent leather shoes. But something about the black trim w. the leopard print goes well with the patent. Classic yet unexpected. I love it.

Oh and, okay, one "belly" pic. Though its so embarrassing. 
My belly is just poochy right now!

Yep. Not a fashion blogger. Written all over my face.
(those were the alternate shoes - from Nordstrom Rack - that I ended up feeling too shy to wear. Not when I won't be drinking!)

Moral of this post: when in the end of the first slash beginning of the second trimester, 
balance maternity comfort (the leggings)
 with drapey tops that will be kind to your awkwardly changing body,
and be a little adventurous with the fabric and accessories.
And if you are not born a fashion blogger yet have fashion blogging thrust upon you... 
try not to make such awkward faces. 
The End.


  1. You look beautiful!! I love that bright orange so much!

  2. so pretty! that color looks great on you! and your teeny tiny bump is adorable! looking good!

    1. haha thank you, Maria! - yeah some days its teeny tiny - other days its ginormous. Trust me. !

  3. I love the whole outfit! It is very becoming on you, Sweetie!

    Mom Oakes

  4. You look adorable::))

  5. Ahh you look great! So brave too for doing a fashion post. I'm just... stuck in this crazy frumpy rut. No idea why. I think it's the cold. Anyway *you* look fabulous.

      haha - and the grey. and brown. and generally nasty look of the outdoors.

      Spring will be a beautiful season though and its JUST around the corner! Tell yourself the frump rut ends the first day of Spring. It'll be like spring cleaning your self-image ;)

  6. You're such an inspiration in both the fashionista and mama worlds. You look incredible! Keep the tips coming as we hope to be expecting Jaramillo baby #3 early next year!

    1. ahhhh! Exciting!!!! Thanks so much for the encouragement, Meggan!

  7. You look fabulous! Love the red. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and have documented my maternity style on my blog, would love for you to check it out.



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