You've been styled, Contrast Blazer.

Jan 15, 2013

Dear Tuxedo Blazer,
You have been really annoying.
I can never find anything to wear with you, you always look out of place on me and well, you're just exasperating.
I see several other ladies being able to wear you just fine with no problem!
It's time you stopped sitting in my closet, unused. I am now getting suuurious about this problem.


Me getting suuurious:

Btw, all of these styling ideas work with a basic black or white blazer as well!

Yeh, so I did it. 
Am I the only one who has found this type of blazer difficult to style?
Maybe it is just me.
It's been styled. BOO yah. 


  1. Love it with the wide legs & flats!!!

  2. Really like it with the black skinnies, Camille!

  3. I like it with the statement necklace and boots. I'm glad you were able to style it many ways! It's such a great blazer. I think I currently have about 3 blazers in my closet, one I bought recently is black with white polka dots all over it. Needless to say but haven't worn it yet... :D

  4. I love it with the all black- you can totally rock it! I also love your "real life" pics. My 4 yr old daughter and my dog are always photo bombing! Thats reality though :)

  5. I love the wide leg pants and the all black - ok, and the stripes too! You look great in everything!

  6. I'd love to supersize that sweet girl's jacket to fit me! How cute! Love your outfit too, especially those boots.


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