Fringe Necklace

Jan 16, 2013

the supplies:
long fringe
4 jump rings
1 lobster clasp
craft glue
-found all supplies at Micheal's-


the how-to: 
1. cut a bit of the fringe off of both ends
2. dollop glue, fold over fringe-less ends to make a loop, let dry
3. slip a jump ring through the loops
4. attach chain and lobster clasp
5. taper the sides a bit so that it all slants inward
 (if that makes sense. I am awwwful w/ explaining directions. so sorry!)

I wanted to take the original inspiration and modify it a bit for mamas on-the-go or anyone really...that isn't prancing around NYC sans baby. 
This version boosts your basic tee and makes a statement...without taking over your whole outfit ;). 



  1. love the look- great diy!

    <3 jen

  2. Love the looks of this, and it seems relatively easy...I wonder if I could do it? I am so not crafty...but I wish I were! I usually end up paying twice the money for someone to do things for me, blah!


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