accessorize me / diy: wooden bead necklace

Feb 27, 2013

I like simple. Love it actually.
So when an outfit or DIY is simple...I am ON IT.

For this DIY I thought, I have no time, no $ to splurge and I don't feel like tackling something even semi-complicated. Um. Simple wooden beads and a trendy Spring colored ribbon? Done.

the supplies:
medium-sized unfinished wooden beads
colorful ribbon *I went with grayed jade

the how-to: 
1. string the beads onto the ribbon
2. double-knot on both sides of the group of beads
3. put it on and tie the ends into a bow

b.t.w.- keep the ends of your ribbon from fraying by using a lighter to melt the ends a bit
FYI, I paired mine with a plain white tee. 


  1. love it. perfect for the spring!! i hope to get into crafting more in the coming months! i will be referring back to your lovely blog. :)
    have a wonderful thursday. xoxox


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