maternityshmernity: business casual for the s.a.h.m

Feb 28, 2013

Outfit posts are hard.
I was a fashion blogger virgin before this series,
and I was all, "Get cute (high res) pics of myself looking
my best and put them online a few times a month? psshhh. Doing it in my sleep!"
And after just two of these suckers, I'm all, 
"How do you people do it??!!?!" [Camille.]

My husband is getting his MBA, and last Friday evening he really wanted me to accompany him to a little get-together of his fellow classmates and a few of their professors. 
It was a very lowkey event... everyone else was showing up at the bar just in their business clothes. 
This was, however, more intimidating to me than if it had been fairly formal. Being a staying at home mom makes business caszh tough enough... throw in a growing bump and you have quite a challenge.
Have you noticed that alot of maternity clothes are either yoga-style comfy/casual, or going-to-a-wedding-style formal?
I didn't want to stand out too much...but I did want people to be able to tell without a shadow of a doubt that I am pregnant, not smuggling muffins. 
(ok- I may been sticking out my little 4 month bump a bit in these pictures)
my outfit: blazer- thrift find! // short sleeve top (sm.)- *anthro. // white Blanqi (reg. length) // 7 for All Mankind denim- on sale at Nordstrom Rack (duh) // jewelry- J.Crew + Banana Republic // 
diaper bag- Ellington Handbags
*anthro runs pretty boho roomy in some things, so it makes it ideal for our series! this will probably only fit me for one more week lol, but then it'll make for a great transition time when I have that weird post-partum jellybelly going on

These pictures are not what I had envisioned when planning this post. 

For one, I had no control over the fact that the weather dropped from 60 on Thursday,
to 40 degrees on Friday night, when we went out. 

40 degrees and wet. And windy. And chilling to the bone.

I had planned on wearing some cute heels with this outfit but it was just too cold and wet, 
so these Banana Republic black boots had to do. 
(no longer available - these are not similar because they have a heel and I am anti-tall-boot-heel)

Ya'll like my diaper bag? Yeh, diaper bag.
This bag made me feel lux and confident among all those MBA girls. More details coming in the next post ;). 

Fashion bloggers: clap clap clap. How you make it look so easy beats me. 


  1. This might help with your picture taking dilema. :) You look fab, by the way!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! def will check out that link ;)

  2. You look beautiful! Yes, I know...four months is that time when you want everyone to know you're not just a little thick in the middle! You pulled it off perfectly with that top!!

    1. Thank you so much, Jeannine! Yeah the top was such a steal and it had just enough of the right definition to push the bump out, without too much to be constraining :) lucky find!

  3. so pretty, kallah! and your four month bump is adorable!! you look GREAT! xoxo


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