a minted Valentine's giveaway

Feb 6, 2013

Sometimes I miss the simple and totally fulfilling means of communication...letter writing. The good, handwritten kind. The kind I used to wait for a week by my mailbox for. The non-digital kind. Yeh, those
In high school my friends and I started a pen pal cluby thing where we'd snail mail each other letters every week. We thought it was the coolest. It totally was. 

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I think i'll go back to good old letter writing the rest of this loOove month. Maybe i'll send a few handwritten letters to long lost friends...do something simple for someone...stretch myself to love others through a simple gesture. 

You can get on board the letter writing train too, because minted is offering $75 to a Life in Mod reader!
Minted, you're pretty cool. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ps. I also got the pretty little 'Soul Mates' print for our master bedroom...a permanent Valentine :). You can too!


  1. adorable photos! love minted so much.


  2. I love snail mail so much too. Really trying to push myself to write more notes. How do we start a penpal club with the blogworld? Does it already exist?

  3. This is great! Letters are so special.



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