maternityshmernity: the Blanqi

Feb 7, 2013

I am 14 weeks tomorrow.
In typical 2nd Tri fashion, I feel 5 weeks pregnant some days,
and 25 weeks pregnant others.
 Sometimes I feel both within the same 12 hour period.
I have bought myself several roomy tops for this season, but was struggling with the pants.
Obviously its too cold for shorts - but warm weather is literally weeks away, 
so I hate the idea of splurging on more maternity pants/jeans.
I had gotten used to skinny skinny jeans, thanks to the thigh lipo that is called breastfeeding.
Give it a few weeks of the carbo-loading of my first tri, and my jeans were all causing problems.
Enter the Blanqi (pronounced "blonky", not "blanky", fyi). 

I described the Blanqi body styler in my Basics post.
It is essentially Spanx for the pregnant woman... but that description just barely scratches the surface!

It lifts, supports and relieves stress and strain from your back. 

It definitely makes you look more belly and less blubber.

It helps your posture immensely

It lengthens tops, which is why I was so attracted to it in the first place 
when planning the maternityshmernity series.

But here's the exciting part that I honestly wasn't sure would work out for me:

it holds up unbuttoned (even unzipped, for some serious fat days) jeans.

Like no belly band ever could!

I was totally skeptical that the a bodystyler would hold up my pants
when a belly band couldn't. 

The Blanqi holds up my jeans without any issues...without stretching out within the day, or losing grip. 
Without making me feel uncomfortable around the waist thanks to bunched up denim fabric.
Smooth and secure. That's how it feels and looks.

top: lizzie parker hi-lo tee from Nordstrom Rack, 
jeans: J Brand from last year,
Blanqi in White, 
and Rockport shoes.

I felt pretty confident before that, with a little shopping around and a lot of creativity,
I could see this non-maternity preggas style project through to August. 

However, after getting my Blanqi in the mail, and spending the last week living in it,
I know with absolute certainty that this is gonna work.

It adds immediate comfort and flexibility to my closet.

If you can only afford one piece to stretch your maternity wardrobe as far as possible,
listen to me: this is your piece.

I can barely be parted from mine to wash it. (but don't worry. I do. Really.)


  1. I've heard so much praise over the Blanqi! I'll keep it in the back of my mind for that someday.

    1. Seriously! It absolutely lives up to the hype! :)

  2. How tall are you? Do you have the Blanqi in the regular length or the long length? I know you're not super far along (although some days it definitely feels like it!) but do you find that it supports your back AND your hips as well? I've had terrible hip problems throughout this pregnancy and I'm not crazy about the under the belly belts that they make so I was thinking this might be a better option!

    1. Desiree: hi! I am not tall - like 5'6 if I stretch, lol - but I do find it DEFINITELY supports the back. That practical reason alone makes it worth the $$. Trust me!

      I got the regular length - though I was planning on using this alot in the summer under white tops and such, so that's why. If I were planning on using it mostly with long pants or tights, I'dve gone with a long length just for the extra coverage.

      I have actually been having tailbone/very lower back/between the hips pain this pregnancy, and doing certain stretches and workouts has helped IMMENSELY, but the Blanqi does too!

      I believe the Blanqi really is designed scientifically to relieve pressure off the key pressure points that get hit the most during pregnancy.

      Hope that answers your question!


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