the biker jacket I have been looking for all my life

Feb 4, 2013

Yeh, found it.
I'm in deep love.
This biker jacket right here is versatile with a bit of femininity thrown in with the fur- it's a classic example of what a lady's biker jacket should look like. Am. I. Right...or am I right?
The jacket, striped maxi and hi lo top all made for two sha-BLAM weekend outfits for me.
They were my weekend lovaaahs. 
shop this look: Ronen Chen striped empire maxi dress - similar / Oasis biker jacket - similar / bow ballet flat
m6Rl8S on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
 shop this outfit: Oasis biker jacket- similar  / Ronen Chen hi lo top - similar / J Brand denim - similar / black booties - similar
I was unsure about pairing a hi lo top with a jacket like this, looks like you definitely can. 
Sometimes you don't know if I style will work until you try it.

Moral of this post: find a feminine biker jacket, buy it and wear that thing out like it's your job!
...b/c you can pair it with so many things- a dress, blouse, denim, skirt etc. It's cray.

Happy Monday!


  1. That second outfit is to die for. Looks so good w your figure!!!

  2. Love the jacket and the dress look!

  3. smokin' hot!! :)
    love the jacket and the looks you paired it with! that dress and those boots are AWESOME!!

    have a beautiful day! <3<3<3

  4. I have mine a couple of years now and it already looks a little worn-out but I love it to death!! Still I think I am going for a very light colored one this year. Thoughts?!

  5. love love love this jacket! I'm sure it was worth the wait!


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