the 'why' behind life in mod

Feb 8, 2013

I've given you the 'What' and the 'How' on Life in Mod, but haven't really given you the 'Why"- the story behind this blog and what it means to me. 

Well, here it is now. I updated my 'About Me' page (finally)
I was intimidated by how hard it is to spell out exactly who I am and what I'm all about, but I'm so glad I finally found the words and just did it. Yay! 

I want you all to know the person behind Life in Mod a bit better and to also have a clearer picture of what this place is all about.

& hopefully you do now.

Happy Friday! :)

ps. this is all because of Kallah, of Being Open to Life...and her slam dunk branding sesh she did with me on a walk with the babes. Amazing! I just needed to give her credit. I never would have found the right words w/o her. For realz. 


  1. that was allllll you!! no need at all for any credit to me ;)

    I love love love the new page!

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  3. Great read! You are beautiful & an inspiration! I am glad you follow what you love to do, even with a baby and as life has changed around you <3

  4. beautifully written. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your story!! As a sibling of 7 kids I can relate to the minor...OCD-ish behavior. You learn to make it work & focus on all that you "can" do & not what inhibits you;)

  6. camille, i LOVED reading your about me page. your stories are so beautiful and touching. and omygosh, the photo of you meeting moo...beautiful!
    have a sweet weekend! xoxox

  7. you should *definitely* check out that Porn star sight. I'm sure its a must-read.

  8. You have beautifully written about page, best of luck on your site.


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