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Mar 7, 2013

Hi! Its me, Kallah
This is not the typical style post... just sharing an awesome new find with you mamas 
As y'all know, this series is about taking something that can be uninspired, overpriced and even frumpy,
yet something even we most-fashionable of mama's feel locked into... 
and using imagination, creativity, and determination,
making it fun, glamorous, and something to be proud of.
If you thought this would apply only to your outfit and not other impossible things such as your
 - gasp - diaper bag - think again. 
Yeah, everyone knows there are cool diaperbags to be had out there. But a few quick looks show they are all extremely expensive. And not all of this expense is warranted. The materials are not always necessarily as high as the price tag would imply...
Meet my new Simone Tote, c/o Ellington Handbags, a small Oregon-based company. 
The leather is as rich and sumptuous in person as in these photos. The quality is seriously unbelievable.

Unzip that center compartment, and you have:

-The essentials for an emergency poopy diaper. 
-A washable changing pad (they sell them super cheap at Target), diapers and wipes. 
-& when I have a newborn again, I can easily add my Bebe Au Lait nursing cover-up in the bottom there. 

Ellington prides themselves on giving their customers a "forever" bag. One that will never go out of style or fall to pieces.

This is a great quality to have for a diaper bag. Its big, roomy, has just the right amount of hidden compartments for all and sundry emergency Mom stuff, and looks awesome. 

Plus, the specific bag that I got is now on SALE for 50% off

It also comes in black. Go. Get it. You will not be disappointed! 
I was so blown away I was able to get my act together and send Ellington a handwritten Thank-You note... and get it into the mailbox! That is a huge deal! 

Peace out, mamas!


  1. that is a gorgeous bag! i will have to check them out for sure. thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE this bag! So bummed it's out of stock, but I'll definitely have to check back for other options. The leather looks amazing.

    1. ohhh that stinks! wow that went fast! def keep checking up with them... this leather is totally worth every penny. For sure a "forever" bag!

  3. I love love love this bag! Thanks for sharing, Kallah! Xoxo


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