That time I was on t.v.

Jun 21, 2013

I was on the Charlotte Today Show yesterday morning!...promoting the Charlotte Shopping tour. It was such a cool, new experience for me. Once upon a time, my career plan was to be a news anchor. Yeh. For realz. I even started my Freshman year in college studying Media & Communications- which sadly didn't last long (didn't like the program. boooo.). Sooo it was awesome to be able to see all of the behind the scenes t.v.action. It was like I was living my long lost dream. Ha-ha. 

I also got to represent my fave, Summerbird Consigment. That dress is a winner, eh? 

You can watch the clip here.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Congrats, that's awesome!
    BTW, what is the Charlotte Summer Shopping Tour??

  2. great job! good for you.

  3. Yeah media and communications at FUS was comprable to the art program...;)
    You looked stunning my friend! I am sure you will be getting regular gigs before long -geesh.

  4. that's awesome! and what a gorgeous dress you're wearing!

  5. gorgeous, camille! SO neat you got to be on tv!! i love the color and style of that dress...looks beautiful on you! <3<3<3


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