Mom bags. They don't have to be ugzly.

Jun 11, 2013

When  it comes to mom bags I like to keep it realistic. Let's be honest here. A teeny weeny clutch doesn't work for us mamas...maybe for one of those rando date nights, but not for day-to-day. Of course, finding a useful and smart mommy handbag doesn't mean you have to go for the ugly fugly. No way, laday. There are several options out there that will fit all of those essentials and also keep you stylin'.

Head on over to ANMJ to check-out the original post and the other stylin' mamas bag picks! Thanks for including me, S. :)


  1. Love that striped backpack! Between you and S, it's only a matter of time before I give in and get a cute backpack and ditch the oversize purse :)

  2. That's true: big bags aren't ugly! And the striped ones are right up my alley.


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