my child, through your eyes I see the world differently...

Jun 24, 2013

There really is something so beautiful about watching your little one experience what the world has to offer for the first almost makes me tear up (ok, it makes me tear up;). The husband and I got to take Mads to Discovery Place in Charlotte for the very first time this weekend. We were reminiscing in the van on the way there about how we had chatted about taking her (before she was even born!), but we had said..."oh, but that'll be a while from now...years". Well, the time has come. time works. You're talking about baby before baby's even there and're going on an adventure with her at 2 years old. Before we know it she'll be going off to college. No! Stop. Too much. Haha.
Anyways, I found this lovely little poem that sums up exactly what I was thinking this weekend while we were adventuring at Discovery Place with our Mads girl...

Through your eyes I see the stars so bright, the moon, and the darkness of night.
I see butterflies and flowers that dance in the breeze.
I see the wind as it blows, and the leaves fall, the newness of snow, the glory of it all.
All of this so day to day, but through your eyes it all seems new. So when life starts to get me down, and things start to give me trouble...through your eyes I'll look, my child.
For you see life like no other. -Suzanne Eichman 

I always tell my husband it's like we've been granted a second childhood by being parents...and it's awesome. :)

Marshalls v-neck tee
GAP cutt-off denim shorts
Target canvas shoes
 men's braided belt | Goodwill find!
Rampage striped handbag


  1. I had no clue you lived in Charlotte. I love this city :)

    I'm actually planning on taking my daughter next weekend. I splurged and got the yearly membership. What did you think of it? Would love to hear about her experience.

    1. I do I do! You as well then? :) I love meeting people around's such a small city, but people pop out of the woodwork here and there and I love it.

      We loved Discovery Place- Mads loved the little kid/water play area. It's amazing.

      Let me know how it goes!


  2. It only gets more fun as they get a little older :) Taking my 5 year old to our local natural history museum to geek out over the dinosaurs was one of the highlights of my year! Love the bright sneakers too! I really need to hunt down a pair this summer.

  3. what a sweet little friend you've got there! :) sounds like an incredible day filled with magic and discovery! such a pretty poem. <3<3<3


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