My Maternity Style Must-Haves

Jul 31, 2013

My bump isn't too bumpin' yet, but I know that soon it will be (without warning)...and that's why I'm prepping for it with this maternity must-haves list. Also, Fall is fast approaching!...weird...which means I'd like to have some maternity essentials that will work style magic through the cooler months. 
Okeee, we go. 
1. the Blanqi bodystyler- let's talk about working magic. This thing has gotten rave reviews from mamas all over the place. I didn't have one while pregnant with Moo, which was just plain silly. This time around I WILL have one. It gives you back supports, smooths, shapes & secures...and cannot forget it's belly lifting abilities. These are all good things for a pregnant mama. *& oooh, look who it is that's modeling one of them...Anna of IHOD. Gorgeous mama!
2. Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow- so this isn't something you wear, but I had to add it b/c it's so comfy and pretty looking. I didn't invest in a body pillow last pregnancy, but ooooo...if there is something I have learned it's that you need a good support pillow for when sleeping starts to be really "fun". Sadly, it's already happening to me (up to pee about 3x already). I actually think that it will come in handy when the sweet bubs first arrives- nursing through the night and all that jazz. I'm excited about giving this one a try! Btw, they have the cutest patterned covers for them. 

3. Isabella Oliver Ruched Maternity Tank Dress- Kallah wore one during her current pregnancy- you may have caught the Maternity Shmernity post with her in it? Bombshell. That was enough proof that this dress is a maternity style must-have. My favorite thing about it is it's versatility- want to go casual? Easy. Jean jacket + booties. Dressy? A fun, statement necklace and heels. Done deal. 
4. Ballet flats- not much needs to be said about this one. They're comfy, yet perfectly Audrey Hepburn-ish. The Franco Sarto pair shown above are actually a very good option- they come in a variety of other colors too. I've got a similar black pair which I plan on wearing with a slew of outfits this pregnancy. 
5. Open-front blazer or long sweater-  found at Parc Boutique and what's nice about this style is...more room for growth. I also think a long open-front sweater would be nice- helps you cozy up in the Fall/Winter with a bumpy sticking out a bit. 
& there you have it. That's the list. 
Now, I want to hand the mic over to you...if you know of any MUST-HAVE Maternity items that just so happen to be stylish too, please comment below and let all of us know about them.

Bye! I am totally at the beach right now. I have turned off everything and am soaking up every minute of this heaven while I can. You can be jealous. It's ok. ;)

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  1. I pretty much stuck with skirts & jeans during my pregnancies, but I was always envious of moms who could rock a maxi dress while bumpin'!


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