how we wear it: Maxi Skirts

Aug 1, 2013

We are baaaack and hopefully you are too, so that you can join in on this round of How We Wear It- this time it's all about the maxi skirts. I love a maxi, S loves a know you love a maxi. They're flattering, transitional, comfy and...comfy.  Sooo S of ANMJ  & I are here to show you how we wear them... (I'm doing the preggers version for a while :) ...

Keep it simple, but add some fun little details- I've said it before and I'll say it 10 million times more. I like simple. It's fun to pack a little style punch into a simplistic outfit though...and I did this by simply adding colorful statement earrings and gold cuffs. Done. 

maxi skirt | marshalls ($15!)- similar
ribbed tank | Target 
sandals | steve madden - similar
bauble earrings | caroline g. 
cuffs | On a String Bead Shop - I'm thinking of doing a DIY with these??

Turn that maxi into a casual little dress- honestly, this was a spur-of-the-moment idea. I was like, "hey, this thing is super comfy...I'm at the beach. Let's make this thing into a dress". I added a belt and dress it was. It won't work with every maxi, but if yours is stretchy...try it out! Ps. You may or may not want to add a semi-nekkid baby to the mix. 

maxi | marshalls - similar
j.crew ribbon belt | thredUP
sandals | steve madden - similar

Get Fall-ready - It's still a bit too hot for any kind of layering (for many of us), but when it does start getting a bit cooler...throw on a blazer and flats with your maxi skirt. It'll make it a transitional piece that will get you through that in-between season. Btw, my bump is getting on, eh? :)

maxi skirt | marshalls - similar
blazer | Wallis
flats | jcpenny - similar

Now head on over to ANMJ to see how S rocked the maxi. 

OKAY- so now it's your turn! If you've ever worn a maxi skirt or plan on doing so share. You can use the linky tool below, post a pic to the Life in Mod Facebook page, send me an e-mail at camsdipaola(at)yahoo(dot)com, OR you can post your pic on Instagram w/ hashtag: #howwewearit. We would love to see how you wear it. 


  1. CAMS YOU HOT MAMA!! You look seriously gorgeous, girl. LOVELOVELOVE the idea of making it a dress. Pure genius. xoxoxo

  2. Love the skirt as a dress - and what an awesome find!!! A maxi skirt is one of my absolute favorite maternity & post-partum staples :)

  3. Yay! I've got a maxi-to-be-made on it's way! Might be a week but I'm bound and determined to link-up this month! :)
    P.S. I was trying to think up which of your outfits was my fave but I can't decide! They're all awesome!

  4. Have definitely done the maxi as a dress, but I'm afraid it never looked as cute as how you pulled it off. Hope you're enjoying your beach break.

  5. you look amazing! I love how you made so many looks out of just a few articles of clothing :)

  6. awesome looks!

  7. you are glowing!! i love the skirt as a dress...i love hiking skirts comfy. :)
    and i love moos tan lines...too cute! happy monday! xoxox


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