A ball cap, sweatshirt...& the entire neighborhood parked behind me.

Nov 12, 2013

herringbone baseball cap || parc boutique
Maharaja Fringe Strand necklace || Baublebar
crew-neck sweatshirt || Old Navy
polka dot button-up || F21, similar
boyfriend maternity jeans || A Pea In the Pod via Ebay, similar
Chuck Taylors || Converse via Ebay

Yehhhh, I'm pregnant. I got this Old Navy sweatshirt a couple sizes up thinking, "Oh, it'll totally work this entire pregnancy. Totaaaally". Try again, Cams. If my belly grows out any farther, which it's bound to...it's over for this sweatshirt. At least until the bump goes bye bye. Still! I have been able to wear it several times this Fall and have loved it- oober comfy and goes with tons (at least I pretended it did).

Now, let's talk about that hat. Herringbone + ball cap combined. What's not to love? My husband also digs a gal in a baseball cap, so helloooo. Win win. I think he especially loves it when the lady has a big belly to go along with it too. At least, that's the word on the street.

That was just my second outfit post for the week. Whaaaaat? That's some kind of record for me. Maybe I was feeling excited and inspired...and maybe I had a little more energy than usual. Don't get used to it. I am now worn out and will be resuming my usual 1 outfit/week routine. ;)

Peace. Love. Donuts. Really...I'm going to go eat some donuts now.


PS. I did a little blog shoot with a local Charlotte photographer, wearing the same hat and sweatshirt (b/c they're awesome). I wanted to share a couple snaps from our session...

Photos: Lindsay Wynne Photography // You can find the rest of our session on LiM's Facebook page.

If you're looking for a photographer in the Charlotte area, definitely check her out! As you can see, she does lovely work.

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