Simple Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Nov 14, 2013

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It's almost time to stuff our faces. Heck yes! Gotta love Thanksgiving for many reasons- family, the food, the lounging around, the food...and the fooooood. I also just love having an excuse to put together a cozy n' extra cute outfit. Not going to lie. So. Are you thinking cozy or dressy this Thanksgiving? Either way, hopefully this little guide will give you some ideas. 

1. Cozy: throw on a long sweater with distressed denim, troopa boots (or any short boot really) and a cozy scarf. 

2. Wrapped up: if you've got a large scarf, use it as a shawl and wrap it over a simple, black ensemble. You'll look and feel cozy. Not to mention, you can hide that turkey belly. ;)

3. Skirtage: This has to be one of the cutest looks. Ever. via. Simple too! Have a longer skirt? Pair it with a pull-over sweater, tights and pumps. Done. 

4. Boho: This is one of my favorite looks- a maxi skirt, thermal top, furry vest and hat. It's just sooo anthro. mixed with a bit of Free People.. mixed with awesomeness. Depending on where you live, you may want to put on a pair of tights underneath that skirt...along with some flat booties. 

5. City slick: You can't go wrong with this look. Really. A trench, button-up with simple sweater over top, dark denim and flats. It's simple, yet super classy. You're done. 

6. Dressy Layers: Too much cute. I really reeeally want to copy this outfit on Thanksgiving. Mine will just be the maternity version ;). This is a great way to utilize that little Summer dress you thought you wouldn't see until next year- layer a big, chunky, cozy sweater over it and then finish it all off with thick tights, tall boots and a scarf. Perfect. 

7. Over-alls: ANMJ always pulls off looks that you'd never imagine could work, but then...she does it...and you're all like, "Oooooo that looks so good. I'm doing it". Yep. The cozy over-all outfit is one example. The flannel underneath, tan booties and jacket over top it all? Come on, S. You kill me. ps. you could wear a long, chunky cardigan in place of the blazer to make it a bit cozier. 

8. Tailored: a crisp, classy look is never a bad idea. Neither is a simple black and white ensemble. Just pick out one of your more dressy tops and tailored pants/skirts. You could even do a colorful pump if you're feeling adventurous. OoOoo.

I hope this helped you out a bit when it comes to putting together that Thanksgiving outfit! My brain is turning into mush (can ya tell?) it is 10:35 pm and I have been up since 4:30 am (pregnancy insomnia- yayyy), so I am going to leave you now. I won't be making any sense at all in a few seconds....

...aaaaaand...end scene. 

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  1. LOVE all of these looks!!


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