Christmastime is here! (and so are the sniffles)

Dec 10, 2013

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I love a cozy and welcoming home all year 'round, but I make sure to take extra special pains to make it that way during the Christmas season. I'm not big on decorating for any other holiday, but Christmas...ooooh yes, ma'am. It's a must. This year I was excited because Mads is old enough to actually enjoy it all. Soooo...this past Sunday we dedicated the day to all things Christmas- picking out and decorating our tree, baking and listening to Christmas music. It was the perfect way to start the season together (and also tiring for this pregs. I crashed on the couch about halfway through all of the festivities).

There was one little downside to our little decorating weekend- runny noses. All three of us had runny, runny noses. We've been fortunate enough to keep any bad coughs and colds away (so far), but the runny noses just can't be stopped...and that's where Kleenex has come in handy. I'm usually the "oh, we'll just use toilet paper" kind of person, but gosh...I'm glad I picked up a pack of real tissues at Target this past weekend. I just put them around the house, so we could all grab one when needed. It worked much better (and looked much better) than toilet paper rolls. ;)

Having a little one to share the season with is too good. Mads has been excited by everything- picking out the tree, making cookies, dancing to Christmas music...and even just the plugged in strands of lights- ha. It's such a joy to see her so happy. It makes me feel like I am re-living some of my childhood Christmases. It might even be more fun now than it was when I was a kid. :)

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