I'm giving up blogging.

Jan 22, 2014

Sort of. 
I'm giving up the way I have been blogging for a while now.
I've noticed that within the past few months this blog has become a source of anxiety and stress for me, rather than being the positive outlet it started out as. It used to make me feel so happy and inspired!
I don't know when it all changed.
It just did.

It may have been when I started trying to make it something bigger.
keywords: make it. yuck. bad. 
I have been pushing too hard, stressing myself out and as a result...my posts have been forced and inauthentic. So...what's the point really? That's the question I have been asking myself since our little guy was born a few weeks ago. It's funny how having a baby can change your whole perspective on certain things.
It's like I was served a big dish of clarity...and it was awesome.

So for the last four weeks I gave up blogging. 
I felt like a big weight was lifted.
I thought more clearly without blog thoughts flooding my brain 24/7.
Gosh. It felt good.

Now that I'm back I have some rules for myself.
I want to be careful not to get right back into my self-made rut.
(and I'm sharing them with you here because it makes them real. lol. ;)

Cam's Blogging Rules: 

1. I will only post when I want to...when I feel inspired to share. If that means I only post once a week or not at all for weeks on end, I will be okay with that. 
2. I will say 'no' more and not tie myself down with too many deadlines...especially with things that I am not that excited about in the first place. I mean, why bother?
3. I will let it flow more naturally. If that means all of my pictures are snapped with my iPhone while we're out getting diapers at Target...awesome. Trying to find fun, new places to shoot outfits at and having to bring along my clunky Canon makes things stressful for me. It really makes it all feel too staged and more of a big production than I'd like it to be. I just want to share a bit of myself, my family and my style in a more natural, real way on here. 
4. I will put my family first. I will be more present to them. If that means that I can't finish a post or take the time to put together an outfit...oh well! I have been realizing recently how often I dismiss Mads and my husband because I feel pressure to finish my blog work. I don't want to do that anymore!...especially now that I have another sweet babe that needs my love and attention.

& that's that.

You maaaay have noticed that I simplified the look as well.
I've always been a b+w lover. It's classic, clean and simple.
Definitely more my style. It makes me happy :).

I'm excited about this change, friends.
Hope you'll keep visiting!

outfit: Sheinside fur vest // Old Navy long cardigan // Target destroyed denim // Steve Madden leopard print flats 

ps. Anthony's birth story is coming soon...as soon as I can get some time to type it up (without feeling any pressure or stress of any kind, of course ;). 


  1. I honestly don't have enough time to surf all my favorite blogs who DO post something everyday, so it's all good. Take your time. Relax. I like this simple layout!

  2. cami!
    i just LOVE this (and that outfit, fyi). i've been through a similar thought process/journey over the past year and a half (minus the babes in tow). blogging should be FUN! i'm proud of you and can't wait to keep reading!
    much love,
    chelsea at blooming branch blog

  3. I love the new blog design and really hope that you'll keep posting when you can/feel inspired :) And I will be on the lookout for the birth story!! Love those.

  4. Good for you! It's hard to find balance with everything, and it's not worth it to stress over something you don't enjoy. You look fantastic, btw!

  5. I love this and have been feeling the same way- you have gone and inspired me!

  6. Good for you! My blogging has dropped off too since Lark was born...I totally feel you!

  7. Good for you, I will still be a subscriber and look forward to when you have inspiration or choose to blog. That's how I would want to blog, sometimes you may have lots of inspiration and more time, other times you are too busy or maybe sick and shouldn't have to worry about your blog unless you are getting paid to make deadlines. Just enjoy yourself and share what makes you happy!

  8. Diaper-aisle fashion shoots with the iphone camera sound just perfect, and very real. Way to go, momma!

  9. Thumbs up for the honest post. I am looking forward to reading your post, even if it is only once a month. I really like/need your styling ideas! Keep it up whenever you feel like it!

  10. Real life is better anyways! Good for you mama!


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