the Postpartum pants I can't get enough of

Feb 17, 2014

...and the husband wants to throw out the window. :-D

 I have literally been living in these cargo pants recently.
I saw them hanging there at Tarjay, thought..."oh, husband will definitely hate these. Let's get 'em!" Ha ha. 
No, but really.
My body feels so wacked out since giving birth.
I don't fit into anyyyything I own.
Go ahead. Roll those eyes (I'm used to that reaction when I whine about this, because of my height yada yada).
It's true though...and it's frustrating. 

I'm at the point where sleep is better, days are more structured and I am managing to get out of the house more with the kiddies,
but the clothes....the getting dressed.
It's depressing when you go into your closet and can't fit into your favorite pair of jeans anymore.

I just want to fit into something again!!!

I bought these baggy pants with a stretchy waistband and have been loving them. They are cute with a tee...and definitely work for the day-to-day mama routine.
However, I think I have come to the point where I need to get over it and buy some clothes (pants specifically) that are a few sizes up from my pre-baby size ::wahhh:: - some with shape, that show my curves and make that husband take a second look.
I need to do it and not be sad about it.
It happens. I had a baby. I have had two babies! My body has changed.
It's silly for me to sulk around and wait to fit back into my pre-baby clothes.
Maybe one day I will fit back into those fave jeans...or maybe I won't.
If I wear clothes that fit me I will feel better, regardless of how many sizes I went up.

Just doooo it, Cams. 

Have you struggled with getting dressed postpartum?
What did you find yourself wearing?...or did you have to give in and get bigger clothes too?


  1. Yes yes yes a million times yes. I didn't really start getting back to "normal" till I stopped nursing my son at about 14mo, and I kid you not--the minute I put my favorite pair of jeans back on and buttoned them--I got pregnant again! I got pregnant again when my daughter wad 8 months--I finally just gave away that favorite pair of jeans. I feel like my body just needs to hang on to that thickness around my middle to nurse my babies well, and I just need to do what you're doing--dress my body for now, and to keep holding on to what it was.

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! Oh my gosh...haha. You're like, "yessss! I fit into them again....oh. Not for long, I guess". ;-p Hey, you got back into them though and that's what counts. ;) Cheers.

  2. These pant's look sooo comfortable! I cried when I made myself give up my maternity jeans- I know that's pathetic but after I had my daughter everything just fit soo bad but at least I could put those on and not be pinched or lumpy. . .It took me about 15 months to really be mostly back to normal.


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