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Jun 22, 2012

the outfit

1. Gap coral cardi [Goodwill](~$3)
2. J.Crew ruffled button-up [Goodwill](~$3)
3. Wooden bead chain necklace (DIY, made by me)
4. searsucker shorts [Goodwill](~$3)
5. open-toe wedge [Goodwill](~$5)


You like the back shot, don't you?
Oh, & the nice candid sunnies shots.
Can't forget the red neck pool in the background!
It's all professional here.



You may have missed it:


I will be "working" at the boutique again this weekend. Darn ;).
I was also invited to check out Vintage Charlotte's Pop-up Summer Market.
If you are in the Charlotte area tomorrow, you should too!

Happy Friday, lovies.

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  1. SO CUTE! My FAVORITE outfits are ones that cost under $20!!!

  2. woooo nice booty!

  3. Never seen shorts like that! Like them :)

  4. what an adorable early summer outfit ;) nice meeting your blog !!

  5. You look wonderful!!
    I'm a big fan of red and blue together!
    Have a fabulous weekend and have fun @ the boutique!

  6. I love it all...especially the prices. I love your blog. Oh,
    and my fav is the shorts!


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