she's got Style: Hi, I'm Mary!

Dec 6, 2012

dress: Banana Republic // cap-toed shoes: Etienne Agner // scarf as a belt: thrifted // vintage purse: thrifted  // 
headband: sister's (shoot, now she's going to know I still have it!)


Ah, how to describe oneself and one's past in a few lines... I'm from a big family and a small town. I have always been voracious for life and somewhat of an experience addict. 

I've traveled a fair bit, and had many great adventures- I've partied in Paris with the victors of the Heineken Cup  (you rugby fans know what I'm talking about!), talked politics in Krakow over cigars and Żubrówka, and been suspected of defection by Russian officials (a case of mistaken identity, perhaps?). I've bar tended in North Dakota, sold boots at Harley Davidson,  and printed Christmas cards for one of Europe's royal families at a small factory in Indiana. What can I say, I've been around. 

I'm currently living the greatest and most profound human adventure, love, both as a wife and mother of three. In my spare time, I eat and drink good food and drinks (respectively), read, watch movies, laugh and cry with friends and family, contemplate aesthetics, and write. I also blog at with my sisters about style and all the other things I want to share with my sisters. Come on over and join us!

Mary wears thrifted finds with such pride and grace.
As a fellow thrift lover, I love that.
Cheers, Mary for showing us your style!
ps. she was recently found on Ain't No Mom Jeans(!)


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  1. THanks for having me, Camille! So much fun!

  2. What a great post and LUCKY girl- traveling in Paris with the winners of the Heinkin cup! Fascinating!!! And so stylish too!


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