the All-American Basics (+ my 1st music video)

Jan 7, 2013

A tee & jeans. The basic all-American look. I LOVE it.
They are my favorite things to throw on...especially if I'm busy around the house, need to run errands or just don't feel like thinking at all. You know...those days. 
While its perfectly acceptable to just wear a tee and jeans, it's almost just as easy to knock the look up a notch by adding-on some other simple basics. 

Let me show you how, lovaaahs.

 So let's give them a boost...
very simply.

My favorite way to boost the basic tee & jeans is to simply add a tailored blazer + pumps for  a more sophisticated look.
You can add some fun accessories for a little pizzazz.
Lastly, you can't go wrong with adding bold colored flats and a colorful scarf. 

So yah. See. Easy peazy. 
You have no excuse. Actually, still do if you're a mama. I get it.
I still urge you to try out these tips just once!
It may just help you feel a bit more put together on those crazy days :). 

Now on to bidnessssss.
Oh gosh.
I can't believe I did this and am now sharing it with all of you.
So, you know how I said I'd make a music video for you in thanks for all of your votes in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Fashion Bloggers contest? See that ridic promise here

This is just slightly embarrassing. 
Totally embarrassing.

Feel the urge to vote for me now? 

Now I will go and hide....

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  1. Great piece! Always good to remember all we can do with the basics! Fantastic job Camille. And that video.... Not a little bit impressive!

  2. love, love, love all of your flats! I wish I had them in my closet! If I can figure out the voting thing I will vote for you!

    1. thank you, Brooke...I have acquired them over the years. I love a good flat...especially since I'm tall! ps. if you click on the link and then scroll down to can click 'vote' there ;).

  3. LOVE your ideas! funny thing is i just bought a black blazer and white tee off the beloved target clearance rack last week! to jeans and colored pumps i go with them! btw, where is your blazer from?
    my comp is too sensitive and slow to let me watch your vid but i'm sure it's a goodie! :)

  4. Love the basics post, Camille! And the video - I remain speechless... :)

  5. ok. seriously. this video is drop dead funny.

    my fav was the van door shutting.

  6. this had me cracking up - i LOVE your video - you are too cute and funny!!! i have been voting and will stop by to vote after this!! i love your different looks - i got that scarf for my friend for one of her birthday gifts a couple years ago. :)

  7. Love the blazer and the pumps chic and simple..perfect for a busy mom!


  8. I'm in love with your video!!IT was FABULOUS Camille, you are a rock star:)
    As always thanks for the inspiration of boring outfits, as I am guilty every day of them...insert sad face.


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